Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate N 30 mL


**** Made in Japan by Shiseido ****
□ 30mL
□ Period of use: Approximately 1 month (approximate usage according to usage)
□ Product size: Width 42 mm x height 123 mm x depth 38 mm
□ Fragrance: Green floral scent
□ Place of origin: Japan
□ Release date: 2018/6/1

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A beauty essence that protects the health of the skin at any moment. The strong beauty that is created. It keeps the health of the skin at any moment. Immunization technology that contains the vitality of the natural world prepares for skin problems (dryness, rough skin, etc.) not only now but also in the future. For skin that is smooth, fresh, and full of unwavering beauty.

● For daily morning and evening care, condition your skin with a lotion and then use it before emulsion or cream.
● When using with other beauty essences, please use Ultimune Powering Concentrate N first.
● Take the dispenser twice and apply it gently and evenly to the entire face.

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