ELIXIR Design Time Serum 40 mL


**** Made in Japan by Shiseido ****
□ 40mL
□ Period of use: Approximately 1.5 months (approximate usage according to usage)
□ Product size: Width 47 mm x height 124 mm x depth 47 mm
□ Fragrance: Relaxing aqua floral scent
□ Place of origin: Japan
□ Release date: 2020/8/21

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Deeply reach the signs of looseness. “Glossy ball” all the time.
A stretching formula that wraps the skin with beauty ingredients and adheres to the pins.
For skin with a shining “glossy ball”. Aging Care*.
A relaxing and pleasant aqua floral scent.

How to use

● After applying lotion in the morning and at night, apply the dispenser twice to the palm of your hand and apply it to your entire face.
1. Align your fingers and align your index finger with the nasolabial fold.
2. 2. Stretch the nasolabial fold sideways to fit the palm of your hand over your cheeks and pull it diagonally upwards.

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