d Program Whitening Clear Lotion MB 125 mL


**** Made in Japan by Shiseido ****
□ Contents: 125mL
□ Fragrance: Unscented
□ Country of origin: Japan
□ Skin type: Sensitive

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For skin that wants to prevent blemishes, freckles and acne

Medicated whitening lotion for sensitive skin where you do not want to leave stains or redness.
To prevent stains and freckles that darken the impression of the entire face, and to prevent acne and skin blemish that tends to become reddish.
It is full of moisture and leads to a fresh, bright and transparent skin as if it were reborn. By providing moisture and keeping the skin healthy, it supports the rebirth of skin that contains melanin.

● Carefully selected ingredients, clean formula
● Paraben (preservative) free, alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free
● no fragrance, no coloring
● hypoallergenic design. Patch tested with the cooperation of sensitive skins*
* Not all skin irritations do not occur.

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