ELIXIR Enriched Cream TB 45g


**** Made in Japan “Shiseido” ****
□ 45g
□ Period of use: Approximately 4 months
□ Size: 69 x 55 x 69 [mm]
□ Fragrance: Relaxing aqua floral scent
□ Release date: 2018/10/21

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A cosmetological dense cream that is full of elasticity and supports facial expressions.
With age, the expression tends to lose its suppleness. What was important was the tension to support it. Elixir’s aging care * focuses on that fact. Filled with plenty of deep moisture and firmness, to a rich expression with a natural smile shining.

* Aging care is age-appropriate moisturizing care.

How to use

● At the end of night care, take 1 pearl grain on your fingertips as a guide and place it on 5 places on your face.
● Apply to the entire face from a wide area such as the cheeks and forehead.

<How to use to increase tension>
1. At the end of the night care, take 3 pearl grains as a guide, and while drawing a spiral, loosen the cheeks as if lifting the cheeks. (3 times)
2. Stretch the nasolabial fold sideways and pull it diagonally upward. (6 times)
3. Pull up from the face line to the temples. (6 times)
Finally press the temple.

The point is to use moderate force to move the muscles.
Add cream when your fingers are less slippery.

Precautions for use

◇ Please close the cap properly after use.
◇ If cream gets on the mouth of the container, wipe it off well.
◇ Do not leave in the sun or high temperature.

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