Cle De Peau Voile Long Lasting Hydrating Veil


**** Made in Japan by Shiseido ****
<Pre-makeup> SPF25 / PA ++
□ Makeup base to prevent various makeup collapse factors
□ Contents: 30 mL
□ Release date: 2020/07/21

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The best brilliance and color that you draw yourself. A makeup base that prevents various factors that cause makeup to come off and maintains a beautiful, moisturized finish for a long time.
Light empowering enhancer, a unique technology that combines make-up and skin care, enhances the shining finish.
SPF25 / PA ++.
Allergy tested (not all people are allergic)
Prescriptions that are less likely to cause acne (not all people can get acne)

How to use

After conditioning the skin with skin care, take a 1-yen coin on the palm and spread it evenly over the entire face.
If the amount used is small, the UV protection effect will not be sufficient.

Precautions for use
Be careful not to get this in your eyes, and rinse immediately if it gets in your eyes.
* The SPF and PA indications of the product are the results measured by applying 2 mg per 1 cm2 of application amount specified in the international SPF test method to the skin.


  • □ VOCE 1st place in the best cosmetics base / BB / CC category in the second half of 2020
    □ MAQUIA Best Cosmetics 2020 2nd Half Groundwork Category 1st
    □ First place in the base category for the best cosmetics in the second half of 2020 selected by aesthetic cosmetologists
    □ Beauty ST Second Half of 2020 Best SST Cosmetics Award Photoaging Award 1st place
    □ GROW 2020 best cosmetics announced! R-45 glossy education award
    □ Second half of 2020 ViVi Cosmetics Award Groundwork / BB / CC category 1st place
    □ 2nd half of 2020 Marisol Best Cosmetics Award 1st place in the basement category
    □ Aesthetics December 2020 sale “Best cosmetics of the year 2020 selected by beauty sages” No. 2 in the makeup base category
    □ Second half of 2020 MORE Best Cosmetics Groundwork Category 2nd
    □ CREA Beauty Awards 2020 1st place in the groundwork category
    □ Adult Muse 2020 1st place in the best cosmetics foundation category in the second half of the year

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