TOTO Washlet KM-series Toilet Seat Ivory TCF8CM76 #SC1 Warm-Water


*** Made in Japan, Ship from Japan by TOTO ***
□ Size: 53.1 × 38.4 × 13.1cm
□ Body weight: 5.2kg
□ Power supply: AC100V 50 / 60Hz Power cord 1.0m (With earth leakage prevention plug and ground wire)
□ Power consumption: Rated power consumption 1268W (cleaning device heater capacity 1200W, toilet seat heater capacity 50W, deodorization device standard about 1.7W, power deodorization about 5.3W)
□ Warranty period: 1 year
□ Accessories: Remote control, remote control hanger, remote control mounting screw set, remote control battery, complete base plate, flexible hose for low tank connection (with packing), dedicated spanner, warranty card, instruction manual, cushion (for toilet lid)
□ Heater method: Hot water: Momentary type, toilet seat: Always energized (timer power saving)

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Instantaneous warming: Since it is a momentary formula that boils hot water when washing, the hot water does not get cold even after continuous use. Since hot water is made only when it is used, it is also effective for power saving.
Premist: Makes a water cushion by wiping the toilet with mist (tap water) automatically. This technology makes it difficult to get dirty and easy to remove.
Deodorization / Auto power deodorization: After use, when you stand up from the normal “deodorization”, it switches to “power deodorization”, which is about twice as much as the suction amount, to strongly deodorize odors. Does not cause discomfort to the next person.
Sleeveless design: Removed the sleeves on both sides. Because it reaches to the back, cleaning of the floor and the side of the toilet becomes easier. The appearance is refreshing, so you can feel the toilet space wide.
Nozzle clean: Clean and disinfect both the inside and outside of the nozzle with “clean sanitized water” after using the toilet. Clean even when not in use and clean for a long time.
Automatic opening and closing: The toilet lid opens automatically when approaching the toilet and closes when standing up. It can be opened and closed without touching and is clean. It also saves power because you never forget to close it.
Annual power consumption 90kWh / year
Power saving function available


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Weight 7.5 kg


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